Continuing Education


All classes are 1.5hrs unless stated. All fees to be paid before courses commence. Come speak in confidence in the main office for special payment arrangements.  No refunds unless a class does not form.

Our continuing education classes include:

Current Affairs (Monday/Tuesday 9.30am)
Discuss the news of the week and analyse the background to the stories through input and debate.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Enjoy Creative Writing (Thursday 11.30 am)
Explore the craft of creative writing in a supportive atmosphere. Discover, develop and stimulate your writing skills and talents.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Enjoying Literature (Friday 11.30 a.m.)
An interesting journey through books, poetry & biographies with maybe a bit of poetry writing.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Know your Rights (Dates to be confirmed but usually after Christmas)
Learn more about the legal system including family law, wills & probate,  consumer rights and social welfare law, employment & equality issues and freedom of information. Course takes place after Christmas.
Cost €10 for 7 weeks.

Enjoy learning Irish at a variety of levels – a special Fáilte for beginners.

Irish Beginners (Wednesday 11.30am /Thursday 9.30am)

Fáilte to our class. The class is for those with little or no Irish. We aim to introduce you gently to the language. You will learn to greet people, introduce yourself and others, talk about the weather, your home, your family etc. The atmosphere is informal and friendly.

Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Irish for Parents and Grandparents  (Monday 9.30am)
This class aims to provide practical help and support for parents, as they encourage their children to learn Irish. You will learn words and phrases that the children are learning at school based on the ten topics covered in the curriculum. You will also learn words and phrases that you can use at home in real situations.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Irish Intermediate (Thursday 11.30am)

This is aimed at those who have ‘cúpla focal’ but who lack confidence. the course is theme-based and the basic grammar points are dealt with in context. The key skills of listening and speaking are emphasised while reading & writing skills play a more minor role.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Irish Advanced (Thursday 9.30am)
Seo rang dóibh siúd le caighdeán réasúnta ard. Pléitear téamaí difriúla agus dírítear ar phointí gramadaí. Is rang seachas ciorcal comhrá é seo.
Cost €65 for 27 weeks

Irish Literature and Culture (Tuesday 11.30a.m)
Enjoy an exploration of Irish authors, playwrights, poets and cultural history so that we can better connect with our rich heritage.
Cost €65 for 27 weeks

Understanding History (Wednesday 9.30a.m)
Improve your knowledge of local and national history in a relaxed setting. Includes visits to relevant historical sites.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks

Understanding the Landscape (Friday 9.30 a.m.)
The Arctic: Past, Present & Future – A Geographer’s View
(Friday 11.30 a.m.)
Two opportunities to examine and explore aspects of geography and environmental issues in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Cost: €65 for 27 weeks